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What Makes BEPeterson’s Penstocks the Best Water Control Solution?

September 2, 2016

BEPeterson specializes in the design, and manufacture of penstocks and water control gates. Penstocks are required to provide leak-free sealing, and immense corrosion resistance. Also referred to as sluice gates, stopgates, or slide gates, they are mostly used in applications involving high pressures of water. These include water regulation, isolation, diversion, and water level control applications.

We are an ASME Pressure Vessel and ISO 9001:2015 certified metal fabricator and supplier. This means that we follow the most stringent manufacturing processes, and maintain the highest quality standards for penstocks.

BePeterson Pensctock

High Performance Water Control Penstocks at BEPeterson

We provide tailor made solutions to meet site specific requirements. All of our products are guaranteed to meet the customer’s specifications as well as comply with the recommended standards for water works.

Our Engineering and Fabrication Capabilities

Following capabilities allow us to offer the best solution to meet every customer’s needs:

  • We have a 88,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility
  • We are ISO, ASME, TUV, and NSF certified
  • We utilize automatic, semi-automatic, and manual welding equipment and processes
  • We manufacture water control gates and penstocks from aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel
  • We implement stringent testing processes like hydro-test, radiography, helium leak testing, etc.

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Features of BEPeterson’s Water Control Gates and Penstocks

Following features of the BEPeterson penstocks make them the best choice of water control systems for diverse applications:

  • Drip tight sealing
  • Flush or raised sill
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • No obstruction of the waterway
  • Mechanical or automatic operation
  • Various mounting options, like headwalls, pipes, or pits
  • Strong seal for extremely high water pressures
  • Custom designed penstocks for round, square, or rectangular openings

With our extensive experience, and excellent in-house fabrication capabilities, BEPeterson successfully provides a wide variety of penstocks as water control solutions for challenging sites. Contact us to discuss how their penstock can fulfill your project requirements.