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What are the Different Types of Water Cooling Options for Vacuum Chambers?

March 17, 2020

  Vacuum chambers are rigid enclosures where a low-pressure environment is created using gases and air. These chambers are widely used across industries for testing and production purposes. These systems produce a high amount of thermal energy, which if not handled properly may damage them. Although made of durable metals such as stainless steel, aluminum,
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Know the Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

March 23, 2021

  Technically, when we think of contract manufacturing, it implies outsourcing a part of our process to a third party company. However, contract manufacturing also means partnering with a player from a particular industry to fulfill their requirements. This is a very common scenario in engineering units and these business partnerships happen at various levels
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How BEPeterson Provides Inimitable Contract Manufacturing Services

February 27, 2015

  BEPeterson has been the leading name in the field of custom metal fabrication since 1935. At BEPeterson, we have been able to produce large fabrication articles while satisfying stringent engineering requirements and high volume demands for numerous customers. We are able to accomplish this by providing inimitable contract manufacturing services. Complete Offering from Manufacturing
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BEPeterson installs new CNC-VTL

June 24, 2014

BEPeterson is pleased to announce the installation of a new CNC-VTL. The machine has a 92″ diameter table which can accept a part up to 102″ in diameter. The height under the rail is 80″. The machine is equipped with a 5-tool automatic changer. Dan Szczurko, VP Sales states, “This second large VTL adds to
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