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How BEPeterson Meets Diverse Filter Vessel Needs Effectively?

April 27, 2018

At BEPeterson, we are pleased to provide a complete range of performance-driven filter vessels for applications in various industries. From water filter vessels to specialized chemical filter vessels we cater to the unique and custom requirements of customers. Our products meet the highest quality standard to perform unfailingly even in the corrosive industrial environments. At
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Why should you Choose BEPeterson’s Custom Filter Vessels?

May 18, 2017

Filter vessels are used to filter liquid and gas at high and low pressures. These vessels are used in diverse industries such as oil and gas, rubber, military and defense, food and beverage, etc. BEPeterson provides custom filter vessels to meet the customer’s unique requirements. There are many others who provide these type of vessels.
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How BEPeterson Delivers Exceptional Filter Housings & Filter Vessels with Exemplary Features

August 18, 2016

Since 1935, BEPeterson has maintained its position as the leader in custom metal fabrication and heavy gauge equipment. BEPeterson is also well-known as a leading filter housing and filter vessel manufacturer. BEPeterson designs custom filter housings and vessels to support different types of filtration companies. The organization also provides tube sheet assemblies and complete process
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How BEPeterson Provides Complete Filter Housing Engineering Support

February 17, 2015

BEPeterson is one of the leading filter housing manufacturers in the United States. We at BEPeterson provide complete design and engineering services to meet demanding requirements of industrial and commercial filter housings, vessels, process skids, and tube sheet assemblies.Beneficial Features of BEPeterson Filter Housings and Vessels At BEPeterson, we design and manufacture filter housings and
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Quality Filter Housings & Filter Vessels for Exacting OEMs

June 24, 2014

Our customers expect the very best in filter housings and vessels and we’re proud to meet and even exceed their expectations. We have cutting-edge manufacturing facilities (88,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001-2015 certified) and use advanced fabrication techniques to make filter housing and vessels that meet our customers unique and specific process requirements. In fact, we
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Custom Filter Housings

June 24, 2014

We’ve become well known in the filter housing market because we deliver both quality products and outstanding customer service. It’s not surprising that we already provide custom filter housings to more than a few OEM filtration companies. Our secret, if you will, is our staff of experienced engineers and project managers. They are dedicated professionals
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Filter Vessel Application

June 23, 2014

When you need a filter vessel you can turn to us with complete assurance. We’ve been working in the metal fabrication field, including filter vessels, for almost eight decades. As a result we are uniquely qualified to design and manufacture the filter vessels you need in your industry. Our manufacturing capability is truly up-to-date in
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