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Why BEPeterson is the Best Option for Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturing?

November 19, 2020

  A heat exchanger is a device used to exchange heat between two liquids, and a tube heat exchanger is one of its categories. It finds applications in industries which have high pressure requirements such as chemical companies, oil refineries, and more. A shell and tube heat exchanger is primarily a large vessel comprising a
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Types and Applications of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

May 4, 2018

  Shell and tube heat exchangers are the most widely used heat exchanger type in a number of different industries. These heat exchangers are constructed using several parallel heat exchanger tubes. Tube sheets are used to hold these heat exchanger tubes firmly in place. These tubes are placed in a shell. The pattern of flow
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Everything You Need To Know About Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

July 31, 2017

Shell and tube heat exchangers are considered one among the most effective type of heat exchangers. These heat exchanges have a cylindrical shell with a bundle of tubes. The tubes are made from thermally conductive materials, which allow heat exchange between the hot fluids flowing outside the tubes and the coolant flowing through the tubes.
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