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Common Types of Industrial Storage Tanks for Corrosive Gases and Liquids

May 6, 2019

Industrial storage tanks are ruggedly built containers that are designed to meet the customers’ biggest challenge of storing corrosive liquids, chemicals, and other media. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and specifications as per the storage requirements. Available in stainless steel and carbon steel materials, industrial storage tanks aid in bulk
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Safety Tips for Storage & Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia

June 7, 2017

Anhydrous ammonia is basically ammonia without water (an – without, hydrous – water). It is in the form of compressed gas or liquid. Anhydrous ammonia consists of three parts hydrogen and one part nitrogen. In its diluted form, it is the most widely used compound in households, as well as industrial cleaning applications. The compound
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5 Advantages of Sourcing Glycol Tanks from BEPeterson

May 23, 2017

Glycol is an organic compound, which is used for multiple industrial purposes including a raw material for polyester manufacturing, and anti-freezing compound. The compound is usually stored in specially designed tanks, known as glycol tanks. There are various manufacturers who provide glycol tanks. BEPeterson is one of the leading manufacturers of glycol tanks in the
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Why BEPeterson is the Leading Provider of Ethylene Glycol ASME Tanks

November 10, 2016

BEPeterson has long been reigning as the leader in custom metal fabrication, and manufacturing industrial vessels and components. One of the many vessel products that BEPeterson specializes in is glycol tanks. Ethylene glycol is used as a raw material for polyester manufacturing, anti-freeze solution, as well as a coolant in many applications. Glycol is a
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