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4 Essential Factors for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

June 3, 2019

Pressure vessels are used in various industries for storing liquids and gases at varying pressures and temperatures. Most of these stored materials produce an enormous amount of energy, which if not handled properly may lead to catastrophic failure or loss of containment. As they work under immense pressure, a failed vessel can be dangerous, leading to explosions, fires, and gas leaks. This is why the safety of the pressure vessel becomes important for any manufacturer. Owing to the critical nature of pressure vessels, their fabrication is stringently conducted according to established industry standards. These industry standards demand several requirements. It means, manufacturers of pressure vessel must meet certain requirements before they actually start manufacturing these vessels. What are these requirements? Read this post to know more.

Pressure Vessel Manufacturing


4 Important Requirements for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

There are several factors that a pressure vessel fabrication services should keep in mind to ensure the high product quality and safety. Among them, four important requirements can be easily identified as below:

1. Valid Accreditations: The standards of operation of pressure vessels vary across various countries. These geographical area require many of the same specifications and design parameters. If you are operating in the USA most states require mandatory ASME certification. In Canada, CRN certification is required. Europe requires PED certification.

The ASME BPVC is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), which regulates the construction, as well as the design of industrial pressure vessels and boilers. ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 discusses the construction of pressure vessels in detail. The section is divided into several subsections, which discuss general requirements, as well as requirements of fabrication methods, material classes, etc. Division 2 and Division 3 of ASME BPVC Section VIII discusses general alternative rules, as well as alternative rules regarding the pressure vessel fabrication.

2. Qualified Staff: All ASME pressure vessel manufacturers are required to hire ASME certified and registered staff. As known, welders play a key role in the manufacturing of industrial pressure vessels. This is why they are required to get an approval for every weld procedure before actually performing it. It is mandatory for ASME pressure vessel fabricators to ensure that only experienced and ASME welders are involved in the job. If not, then it is their responsibility to ensure that the welders receive appropriate training to perform various welding procedures.

3. Quality Assurance: A soundproof quality assurance program is one of the critical requirements for any industrial pressure vessel fabrication facility. The program must be audited and approved by a certified body. This helps monitor the manufacturing progress at every step.

4. Advanced Inspection and Testing Capabilities: Owing to the criticality of pressure vessel fabrication, it becomes important for a pressure vessel manufacturer to develop an in-house testing and inspection capability. Why? It helps them conduct a detailed inspection at every stage of manufacturing, and avoid major and minor manufacturing mistakes, which may endanger the safety of the vessel in a short or long run. Also, these capabilities will help them ensure compliance with guidelines mentioned in ASME VIII Division 1.

All the above-mentioned points will help a pressure vessel manufacturer to fabricate safe, and performance-driven pressure vessels and storage tanks. BEPeterson is one of the leading ASME pressure vessel fabricators in the USA with over eighty years of manufacturing experience. The company has been successfully delivering customized stainless steel pressure vessels and storage tanks, since 1935.

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