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BEPeterson – Custom Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

Custom pressure vessels are used to store and hold gases and liquids at high pressures. BEPeterson engineers and manufactures custom pressure vessels based on our customer’s unique requirements. Utilizing the latest vessel design software allows BEPeterson to maximize the pressure vessel design meeting all industry standards while providing our customers the lowest possible cost model. Quality and delivery performance are critical and 80 years in business with hundreds of satisfied customers makes BEPeterson your best choice as a pressure vessel manufacturer.

Custom Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacturing Offerings

At BEPeterson, we ensure the design and manufacturing of our custom pressure vessels. BEPeterson is an ASME certified manufacturer with all welders certified to ASME Section VIII.

Reaction Vessel
Thermal Oxidizer Reaction Vessel
  • Compliance to International Standards
    • Our manufacturing processes are certified according to ISO 9001 quality standards.
    • Our custom pressure vessels adhere to all applicable codes and standards, including ASME, CRN, PED and ABS.
  • Use of Advanced Welding Procedures
    • We utilize the latest in welding procedures for our custom pressure vessels. These include MIG, TIG, SAW, FCAW, and SMAW. These are performed along with a variety of wires and fluxes.
    • Our welding capabilities are supported by our experienced and qualified weld engineering staff, which comprises multiple CWIs, and in-process weld inspectors.
    • Our staff consists of qualified ASME welders, who have extensive radiography capabilities to support ASME Section VIII vessel construction.
  • Meticulous Testing and Inspection
    • All of BEPeterson’s custom pressure vessels are inspected thoroughly, and documented by authorized ASME Inspectors.
  • Comprehensive Documentation
    • We provide complete documentation to customers. These include RT and hydro test reports, and material test certificates prior to delivery.

Options for Custom Pressure Vessels

At BEPeterson, we ensure that all our processes, from design to delivery, are performed and completed meticulously. We can manufacture shell and tube heat exchanges to our customers exact requirements insuring a truly custom fabrication.

As a custom pressure vessel supplier, BEPeterson’s custom pressure vessels can provide the required performance and benefits in the following vessel types.

Ethylene Oxide Tank
Ethylene Oxide Storage Tank

BEPeterson is considered a trusted custom pressure vessel supplier due to our quality engineering accurate manufacturing, and meticulous testing, and inspection procedures. Our staff comprises qualified and experienced engineers, welders, and inspectors. We can cater to any custom industrial equipment requirement of customers. If you would like more details about custom pressure vessel fabrication service, please feel free to contact us.