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5 Factors that Make BEPeterson a Preferred Choice for Power and Utility Companies

June 22, 2018

Today, power and utility companies are searching ways to improve their efficiencies, while trying to meet environmental regulations, as well as increasing their productivity and profits. BEPeterson helps the power and utility industry to attain their goals by supplying various energy-efficient solutions. Is that all? No. Are you keen to know what makes BEPeterson a
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What Makes Customized Pressure Vessels the Most Preferred?

May 30, 2018

Pressure vessels are among the most important equipment in a wide range of industries. They help maintain pressure at the desired level, which is required for certain applications. These vessels come in various specifications and capabilities depending upon the applications for which they are to be used. Also, you can get them custom designed based
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Understanding BEPeterson’s Different Types of Welding Processes

May 23, 2018

Welding is performed to join different types of metals or thermoplastics. It helps creates strong and secure joint in comparison to other methods of metal bonding. At BEPeterson, we engage in various types of metal welding processes. All these welding is performed using various types of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual welding equipment. This post introduces
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Things to Know About Vacuum Chambers

May 16, 2018

When you think about vacuum chambers, what comes to your mind first? You might be envisaging huge chambers or vessels that are used to store vacuum at high pressures. These chambers come in various configurations and have several components and features. Vacuum chambers are mainly used in a wide range of product testing applications. A
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Types and Applications of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

May 4, 2018

Shell and tube heat exchangers are the most widely used heat exchanger type in a number of different industries. These heat exchangers are constructed using several parallel heat exchanger tubes. Tube sheets are used to hold these heat exchanger tubes firmly in place. These tubes are placed in a shell. The pattern of flow through
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How BEPeterson Meets Diverse Filter Vessel Needs Effectively?

April 27, 2018

At BEPeterson, we are pleased to provide a complete range of performance-driven filter vessels for applications in various industries. From water filter vessels to specialized chemical filter vessels we cater to the unique and custom requirements of customers. Our products meet the highest quality standard to perform unfailingly even in the corrosive industrial environments. At
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5 Reasons Your Process May Benefit from Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

April 20, 2018

Pressure vessels are designed to contain liquids or gases at high pressure values. Typically pressure vessels are built using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, carbon and low alloy steels, and duplex stainless steels. Over, the years, stainless steel pressure vessels have gained popularity due to several advantages offered by them. BEPeterson is one
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How are Pressure Vessels Tested for Quality at BEPeterson?

April 4, 2018

At BEPeterson, our goal is to provide superior quality pressure vessels to meet the diverse range of applications in varied industries. Since inception in 1935 till now, we have been offering durable pressure vessels that stand the test of time. We are extremely proud to claim that we have hundreds of satisfied customers who trust
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6 Best Materials Ideal for Pressure Vessel Applications

March 28, 2018

Pressure vessels are among the most vital equipment in most industries. These are basically special containers that are designed in a way to hold liquids and gases at a pressure, which is extremely different from the ambient pressure. Therefore, the material used to manufacture these pressure vessels need to be strong enough to withstand high
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Know 5 Reasons for Buying BEPeterson’s Lethal Service Pressure Vessels

March 16, 2018

Lethal service pressure vessels are used to contain various lethal fluids, which turn extremely dangerous on mixing with air. The pressure vessels used for lethal substance storage must adhere to specific quality and inspection guidelines. In the industry, there are very few companies, which adheres to strict quality guidelines. BEPeterson is one of the leading
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