BEP medical Division

BEPeterson has been supplying tight tolerance metal fabricated components to the medical market for over 20 years.  BEPeterson is the largest North American metal fabricator for parts required in MRI magnets and in addition we also fabricate pressure vessels and reactor chambers for innovative new technologies such as Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.

BEPeterson has extensive metal fabrication capabilities to laser cut, plate and bar roll and welding.  We manage annual contracts which include all material purchasing, scheduling, inventory control, part fabrication and quality processing in excess of 2000 annual tons of Aluminum and Stainless Steel.  We run two shifts and maintain a daily shipment schedule of over 100 different parts on an annual basis. 


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Extensive Raw Material Knowledge

· Mill lead times both foreign and domestic

· Specifically choose the best mills to use for
precision products both aluminum and stainless based on historical experience

· Material specifications,

o Stainless Steel ASME SA240-304/304L  & 316/316L

o Stainless steel PED

o Aluminum SB209-1100  / 6061  / 5083

o Aluminum PED

· Material traceability


o TUV AD2000 MerkBlatt

· Aggressive supplier negotiations on pricing

· Multiple sourcing for purchases

· Always looking for new worldwide material sources

Kanban of off-site "supplier owned" Material

· BEP secures material and is stored locally for 12 months and has weekly releases based on actual customer pull / demand

Full 2 shift operation which includes the following

· Receipt of raw materials

· Processing of raw plate from start of operation to final completion

· Final inspection

· Packaging, staging and shipment to both subcontractor and customer

Managing of shipping / delivery

· Trucking and packaging domestically

· Shipping and crating both domestic and foreign

Production volumes annually

· Process 117 tons of rolled stainless bars

· Process 1450 tons of stainless steel

· Process 570 tons of aluminum

· Produce over 5000 rolled cylinders per year

Dual sourcing

· Subcontracted operations

· Purchased finished parts both domestic and foreign

Turnaround time

· Typical for production lead time for rolled components 24  –  48 hours

· Machined production component lead time  24-  48 hours

· Project “new project” development 2- 3 weeks

· Inventory turns for production components at minimum of 50 with maximum of 100 annually.

historical contract manufacturing with medical business 26 years

· Start of
production of 28 different parts with shipment of 278 parts per week

· Current mix of 130 parts with weekly
shipment of

o Weekly shipment average
of 1200

oHigh of 2500


quality programs

· Support customer “Supplier Quality Improvement Plan” program

o Weekly calls with customer to review any challenges with parts

o Monthly visits to customer to  meet with fabrication operators to review what  BEP can do to make their job easier

   when working with our parts

· Multipoint in process inspection from material receipt to final inspection

· Statistical process control 

· Drawing review with customer prior to release for production

· Conduct PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)


· Tight Tolerance Fabrication Requirements

Precision Rolling Capability

· Our rolling tolerance is +/- 1 mm

· We provide rolled cylinders with welded seams