Custom Filter Housings

We’ve become well known in the filter housing market because we deliver both quality products and outstanding customer service. It’s not surprising that we already provide custom filter housings to more than a few OEM filtration companies.


Our secret, if you will, is our staff of experienced engineers and project managers. They are dedicated professionals and can help you through all phases of developing the quality filter housings you require:

  • Design engineering,
  • Layout engineering,
  • Filter housing manufacturing
  • Final testing

We’ve developed what some might call a ‘culture of excellence’ that results in on-time, high quality filter housings and filter vessels developed and delivered to your exacting specifications.

We are a certified ASME U, UM, R, S, TUV manufacturing facility. CRN registration and CE / PED certification are available upon request.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is an 88,000 sq. ft. and is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

We produce filter vessels and filter housings in stainless steel and high alloy materials, such as 200 and 300 series SS, 2205 & 2207 Duplex SS, aluminum, nickel, Hastelloy alloys and carbon steels.

Our engineers use advanced fabrication techniques as they design the specially designed filter housings that meet our customer’s unique process requirement needs.


Our product features include:

  • ASME Section VIII and TUV
  • Welding to ASME section 9
  • Polished and Electro Polished Finish
  • Passivation
  • Pneumatic & Hydrostatically Tested
  • Codeware – Compress ASME code calculation software
  • Skid Fabrication and Assembly is also available

When you partner with BEP for filter vessels and filter housings you know your requirements for quality work and outstanding service will be met, and even exceeded.