Chemical Pressure Vessel Fabrication


BEPeterson is a leading manufacturer of fabricated metal vessels for various industries, including the chemical and petrochemical industries. We understand the importance of fabricating effective corrosion-resistant metal products for these industries, which involve the use of highly corrosive chemicals in their applications. Trust us for effective solutions, as we are ASME, TUV, NSF, CRN and ISO 9001:2015-certified.

Our Chemical Metal Fabrication Products

BEPeterson offers a wide range of metal fabrication products and services for the chemical industry. Whether you need custom design or manufacture, our in-house experts can deliver results that meet your exact standards. Some of the chemical metal fabrication projects we can complete are:

  • Chemical pressure vessels: We build ASME chemical pressure vessels suitable for the storage and transport of industrial chemicals. These leak-proof containers ensure you can maintain the correct pressure for chemical gases and liquids.
  • Chemical heat exchanger: We design and manufacture shell and tube heat exchangers for the efficient transfer of heat between fluids. Our heat exchangers feature tube bundles that are suitable for high-pressure applications.
  • Glycol tanks: We manufacture industrial-grade glycol tanks for organizations that use this helpful chemical, such as polyester manufacturers.
  • Ammonia tanks: Our team understands the importance of storing ammonia in specific high-pressure storage vessels or low-temperature refrigerated vessels. That’s why, at BEPeterson, we use cutting-edge technologies to design and manufacture custom ammonia tanks according to industry standards.
  • Chemical storage tanks: We provide durable and corrosion-resistant industrial tanks for chemical storage. Choose these products to benefit from the high-quality stainless steel, aluminum and alloys we use to meet industry requirements.
  • Tank fabrication: BEPeterson also offers tank fabrication services for other types of chemical tanks. If you need support in fabricating a chemical mixing tank or a chemical reactor tank, our experts can provide the best solutions for your applications.
  • Custom pressure vessels: Aside from standard ASME pressure vessels, we offer fabrication services for other high-pressure vessels. We can design and manufacture distillation columns, flash drums, separators or reactor vessels.

Our Chemical Metal Fabrication Process

With a team of experienced designers and engineers, BEPeterson consistently delivers superior-quality products for various chemical industry applications. We support clients who need new designs, as well as clients requiring verification for existing designs. We also assist in product engineering, ensuring each product is compliant with industry codes and specifications.

At BEPeterson, our design and manufacturing services are only the beginning. As a company that prioritizes quality, we conduct rigorous testing and inspection on all fabrication projects. For industrial chemical storage tanks and other products, we have capabilities for helium leak testing, hydro-testing, vacuum leak testing, ferrite testing and positive material identification. We are your trusted partner for chemical and custom metal fabrication.

Choose BEPeterson for Your Metal Fabrication Needs

BEPeterson raises the standard when it comes to custom metal fabrication. Since 1935, we have continued to deliver exceptional results to our clients from various industries. Our team can confidently meet stringent requirements from different sectors, including chemical, military and defense, energy, and industrial. If you have specific fabrication projects in mind, request a free quote today to get started.