Know the Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Technically, when we think of contract manufacturing, it implies outsourcing a part of our process to a third party company. However, contract manufacturing also means partnering with a player from a particular industry to fulfill their requirements. This is a very common scenario in engineering units and these business partnerships happen at various levels as per the contract or a signed agreement for the specified period or until completion of the assignment. At times, contract manufacturing also refers to custom making products or parts as well as offering special services for a client or a partner company. BEPeterson, a reliable and ASME-certified manufacturer of pressure vessels, tanks, furnaces, and more, is also a contract manufacturer for several clients across industries. This post focuses what BEPeterson offers as a contract manufacturer and advantages of partnering with such a firm to complete your requirements.

BEPeterson as Contract Manufacturer

As a contract manufacturer, BEPeterson falls in the last category mentioned above which is providing products or parts in custom specifications for a client based on their requirements. This is done on a project basis. The company has completed several high volume requirements for clients across diverse industries such as power & utilities, medical, and so on. For instance, they have supplied parts for the coal burning segment of the power industry. They have supplied precision metal components to several players for MRI magnets required in the medical industry. The company extends support in these areas:

    • Inventory management
    • Engineering and manufacturing support
    • Custom made manufacturing systems to suit specific client requirements
    • Logistics
    • Quality control systems

How You Can Benefit Through a Contract with BEPeterson

Each of these areas offers several advantages to the concerned partner or client. Here is how clients can benefit by partnering with BEPeterson to complete their specific and challenging requirements.

    • The company uses DFM for engineering and manufacturing solutions, which enables a flawless product design if used systematically. DFM also helps increase production speed and thus achieves reduced time-to-market for your products.
    • Organizing your inventory is an important warehouse activity as it helps you reduce wastage and production downtime. The company uses 2 bin Kanban, which utilizes historic data to determine the bin quantity. They offer vendor-managed inventory services.
    • BEPeterson specializes in customizing your products to suit your exact requirements. Their team understands what you really want and deliver accordingly. They manufacture a mechanical assembly kit consigned to uniquely suit your requirements.
    • You can easily rely on them when it comes to quality. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified and AQL driven, which is then part of a CP/CPK analysis. They follow thorough inspection processes, which are job or part specific.
    • The company offers support in terms of logistics. They provide end-to-end services when it comes to purchase, scheduling and project management.

BEPeterson has a vast expertise in metal fabrication, welding, and engineering segments. They are known for their pressure vessels, tanks, and modular skid assemblies, which are provided in custom configurations to meet your application requirements. As a contract manufacturer, they understand your requirements and are indeed a reliable partner. In case you have any questions or would want to share your requirements, you can reach the company on phone or email.