CO Gen Ducts

BEPeterson is a Co Gen Duct manufacturer of large heavy-gauge co gen ducts and roof stacks. Co gen ducts are designed to meet our customers specification and requirements. Architectural roof stacks can be fabricated to match existing installations. Specialty finishes can be achieved with ground welds to meet the most demanding designs.


Roof Stacks

BEPeterson works closely with our customers to insure that Co gen ducts and Roof Stacks are engineered, fabricated and finished to meet the general contractors project installation schedule. Internal sound attenuators and multiple diameter vent pipes can be installed in the co gen duct work and roof stacks as required.

Fabrication materials include stainless steels (SS) and carbon steels (CS).

Featured Installations:

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  • 8 Roof Stacks and Internal Piping.
  • Co Gen Ducts