High Pressure Extraction Vessels

BEPeterson custom designs and fabricates ASME code stamped high-pressure extraction vessels for large volume processing. Sizes furnished to date range from 50L to 300L. Operating pressures for CO2 range from 3,000 psi to 5,400 psi.

BEPeterson provides vessel design, FE analysis, unique experience with various materials and manufacturing processes. Our quality is unsurpassed. We are ISO-2015 approved. Each vessel is rigorously inspected and certified by a third party ASME inspection service.

BEPeterson has extensive experience with quick opening closures which offer improved processing cycle times.

Let BEPeterson help your company design and purchase the extraction vessel best suited for your requirements.

Extraction Vessels can be fabricated by BEPeterson shipping to Canada with CRN registration as well as European PED Certification.