ASME Certified Glycol
Tanks for Process Industries

Glycol, or ethylene glycol, is an organic compound used in various industrial and chemical applications. The chemical is used as a coolant, antifreeze solution, and raw material in the polyester industry. The chemical is stored in specially designed tanks known as glycol tanks. BEPeterson manufactures industrial grade tanks to store glycol. Our tanks are used by various process industries. We provide custom manufactured glycol tanks that conform to regulatory standards, and meet clients requirements.


Features and Benefits of
BEPeterson’s ASME Glycol Tanks

At BEPeterson, we provide a competitive advantage to our clients through our adherence to value-driven business practices. BEPeterson is a holder of the ASME single certification mark and a certificate of authorization.  We design and fabricate vessels in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. 

By investing in ASME glycol tanks from BEPeterson, our clients are assured that they are associating with an organization, which has adopted industrial best manufacturing practices, technologies, and standards. Thus, we believe that our products will be assets to any organization that invest in it.

  • Our manufacturing facilities strictly adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards, which allows us to manufacture, and deliver world class products to our clients.
  • BEPeterson’s glycol tanks meet mandatory codes and standards, including CRN, ASME, and PED.
  • We employ industry leading welding procedures to manufacture glycol tanks. Our expertise and implementation experience of sophisticated weld procedures such as SMAW, MIG, SAW, TIG, and FCAW allow us minimize fabrication errors, and provide quality products. We use a variety of fluxes and wires during welding.
  • Our team comprises experienced and qualified weld engineering professionals, ASME welders, CWIs, and in-process weld inspectors.
  • Our expert ASME welders with their radiography capabilities can support ASME Section VIII code vessel construction.
  • We use advanced welding equipment such as submerged arc, which ensures smooth welding of glycol tanks.
  • Our authorized ASME inspectors perform rigorous testing and inspection to ensure glycol tanks meet industrial specifications. These procedures are meticulously documented for client reference. We provide hydro test reports, RT, and material test certificates to clients.

Custom Manufacturing of Glycol Tanks

At BEPeterson, we can manufacture glycol tanks:

Applications and Industries Using BEPeterson Glycol Tanks

BEPeterson’s glycol tanks are employed in the following applications:

At BEPeterson, quality, and customer specifications are of paramount importance. Our standard and customized glycol tanks are designed to withstand rigors of storage, and environment in process industries. Value-driven designs supported with industrial standard features and affordable prices allows us gain a competitive advantage in the domain we operate. To place an order, or to know more about benefits of our glycol tanks,contact us.