Know 5 Reasons for Buying BEPeterson’s Lethal Service Pressure Vessels

Lethal service pressure vessels are used to contain various lethal fluids, which turn extremely dangerous on mixing with air. The pressure vessels used for lethal substance storage must adhere to specific quality and inspection guidelines. In the industry, there are very few companies, which adheres to strict quality guidelines. BEPeterson is one of the leading manufacturers of lethal service pressure vessels. Our pressure vessels are utilized in diverse industries such as chemical, agriculture, water and chemical filtration, plastic and rubber, and, energy and gas. This post emphasizes on the capabilities of lethal service pressure vessels offered by BEPeterson.

Lethal Service Pressure Vessels Capabilities of BEPeterson

The following lethal service manufacturing capabilities have helped us establish our footprint in the niche.

  1. Fabricated as per ASME Guidelines: Our lethal service pressure vessels are fabricated as per the ASME guidelines. We adhere to ASME section 8 guidelines. We strictly follow ASME section 9 welding guidelines. Our pressure vessels are “L” stamped to indicate that they meet the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
  2. Durable Designs: Lethal service pressure vessels are made from high quality materials, which helps in resisting corrosion. Various materials such as stainless steel, nickel alloy, and reactive metals are used in the fabrication process. The pressure vessels are constructed to tolerate the high pressure produced by gases without getting damaged. We can provide these pressure vessels in different weld and material finishes. Various design software and manufacturing equipment are utilized in the process. Some software used include Compress, Solidworks, Codeware, AutoCAD, etc.
  3. Available in Customized Sizes: Our pressure vessels can be provided in customized sizes. We work with our customers very closely to understand their requirements. Customers are consulted at every stage to ensure the final product meets their specifications. Lethal service pressure vessels are also available in horizontal and vertical configurations.
  4. Efficient Quality Control and Testing: BEPeterson is ISO 9001-2015 certified. Our lethal pressure vessels are subjected to various quality control procedures and testing. This is done to identify potential flaws in the vessels. Our pressure vessels are hydrostatically tested in order to ensure the pressure vessels don’t have external or internal leakage from their housings and casings. Various other types of testing are performed on the pressure vessels in order to determine the efficiency. These include radiography, hydro-test, PMI (Positive Metal Identification), ferrite testing, impact testing, dimensional (Fero Arm), and NDE-PT, MT & UT testing.
  5. Industry Standards: At BEPeterson, we conform to following various types of industry standards while fabricating our lethal service pressure vessels. Some of them include ASME Section 8, ISO 9001:2015 certified, TUV, U, R, S & UM stamps. Various other industry standards are also followed upon certain request such as CE, PED and CRN upon request.

The above-mentioned points validate BEPeterson’s expertise and experience in building custom lethal service pressure vessel in diverse specifications. Our industry experts are ready to offer you the correct solutions to meet your requirements of global standards. To know more about the capabilities of lethal service pressure vessel tank, we request you to contact us at the earliest.

VP of Business Development Dan Szczurko joins the podcast to discuss the pressure vessel business & market segmentation. Furthermore, he gives an overview of the sales process from a customer’s perspective.