Why CRN is required?

CRN stands for Canadian Registration Number. It’s the number used to certify pressure vessels in Canada. Similar to the ASME requirements in the USA, and the various certifications in Europe, Canada defines requirements for pressure vessels under their CSA B51 standard. CRNs get complicated because each of the 13 Provinces’ in Canada issues their own. As a result, each Province has its own requirements. If you need your vessel certified across the whole of Canada, it means you’ll have to meet requirements in seven organizations!

We’ve developed a thorough understanding of what’s needed anywhere you need a pressure vessel in Canada. As a result, we can not only design and manufacture CRN pressure vessels for you, with the proper nameplates, across all of Canada and for each Province, we actually assume “turn-key” responsibility for them.That means you’re assured that your pressure vessels meet all ASME and CRN requirements for whichever Province or Provinces the vessels will be used. We can provide single Province CRNs or multiple ones. We can even provide national registration across all of Canada, for your use or for OEM distribution.