Design Support

BEPeterson works with our customers to verify existing designs or develop new designs from concepts. Our engineering team is experienced with a wide variety of industrial equipment design including ASME/PED/CRN pressure vessels, vacuum chambers, skid assemblies, power and utility components and other various industrial fabricated products. We strive to provide our customers the best possible design regarding safety, functionality and cost savings.

Project Engineering

Each order received is assigned to a dedicated and experienced project engineer who works closely with our customers ensuring all project requirements are met.  Design for manufacturability and compliance with all required codes and specifications is reviewed in detail prior to material procurement and manufacturing.  

Our engineering team uses the latest versions of design and engineering software including:

1.       Solidworks

2.       Solidworks Simulation (FEA)

3.       Codeware Compress

4.       AutoCAD

Full Service Metal Fabrication Since 1935

Since 1935 BEPeterson has set the standard for custom metal fabrication of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment.