Ensuring the Quality of Steel Plates in Pressure Vessels

Steel and metal plates are common materials when manufacturing pressure vessels. The quality of the plate makes a huge difference to the performance and durability of the vessel. At BEPeterson, we utilize materials of the highest quality to manufacture pressure vessels. Here, we discuss the importance of the quality of metal plating in pressure vessels.

Metal Plates – Then and Now

The method of manufacturing the plates today is different from the way they were made 50 years ago. During the 1960s, steel was manufactured with a coarse grain structure. Unfortunately, this structure would also contain impurities, which would affect the steel’s finish and performance. This lack of durability would result in many fatal and expensive accidents.

Advances in steel processing as well as metal grading has resulted in the manufacturing of high quality steel. Today, pressure vessel steel plates are fully killed, with a fine grain carbon-manganese structure. The steel is produced by utilizing hot rolling and normalizing procedures. The produced steel provides resistance against corrosion as well as high impact.

How BEPeterson Ensures the Use of Quality Metal Plates

BEPeterson requires material test reports (MTR’s) with all steel plate received from our suppliers. We may perform spot PMI testing as well to insure the steel plate meets the corresponding MTR.

ASME Pressure Vessel

At BEPeterson, we design pressure vessel steel plates with thicknesses ranging from 14 gauge up to 2″. We utilize welding equipment and techniques, which adhere to ASME’s Sect 9 & AWS D1.1, D1.6. Our manufacturing and welding processes meet and exceed the requirements of standards such as ISO, T├£V, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. We also employ a full time certified welding inspector to qualify our welders, weld processes, and provide in process inspection.

Quality is key when it comes to designing and manufacturing industrial pressure vessels. With industrial grade pressure vessel steel plates, BEPeterson can manufacture robust and long-lasting pressure vessels of various types.