How BEPeterson Meets Diverse Filter Vessel Needs Effectively?

At BEPeterson, we are pleased to provide a complete range of performance-driven filter vessels for applications in various industries. From water filter vessels to specialized chemical filter vessels we cater to the unique and custom requirements of customers. Our products meet the highest quality standard to perform unfailingly even in the corrosive industrial environments. At BEPeterson, we assure consistent quality, technical innovation, and premium customer service. That’s why customers around the world rely on us for their filtration needs.

Why is BEPeterson Regarded as Industry Leader in Filter Vessels?

What made us a leading manufacturer and provider of single or multi-element vessels? The following points tell you why:

1. Cutting-edge Manufacturing Facility: Our manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced machines, testing systems, and CNC integrated equipment that assure the production of the highest quality products in par with the customer expectations. Additionally, our team of engineers are well-versed with advanced fabrication techniques, which help us offer the right filtration technologies.

2. Use of Corrosion-Resistant Materials: Filter vessels are meant to operate in highly corrosive environments, wherein they are frequently subjected to chemicals, dust, harsh compounds, among several others. Keeping this in mind, we use only those materials that can resist the eroding substances in the operational area. Our vessels are produced using quality tested raw materials such as stainless steel and high alloy materials, such as 200 and 300 series SS, 2205 and 2207 duplex SS, aluminum, nickel, hastelloy alloys and carbon steels.

3. Unmatched Customer Service and Technical Assistance: We value our customers! At BEPeterson, we ensure that the customer purchases the right filter vessel matching their application. We have a proactive customer support team who listen to the customers and direct their queries to the right department. Our ever-ready manufacturing team clearly understands your requirements before starting with the actual production. The team at BEPeterson ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase!

4. Commitment to Quality: BEPeterson is ISO 9001-2015 certified. We fabricate all of vessels to ASME standards. PED, CRN and ABS certified filter vessels are also offered.

Whatever are your requirements pertaining to filter vessels, we assure a quick turn-around time, whilst not compromising on the quality. All our designs are rigorously tested on various parameters to ensure they are industry-ready to perform several complex filtration tasks. Not a single unit leaves the plant without meeting the quality standard and specifications provided by the customer. This quality-assurance helped us gain a huge customer base and competitive advantage in the marketplace!

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