Why should you Choose BEPeterson’s Custom Filter Vessels?

Filter vessels are used to filter liquid and gas at high and low pressures. These vessels are used in diverse industries such as oil and gas, rubber, military and defense, food and beverage, etc. BEPeterson provides custom filter vessels to meet the customer’s unique requirements. There are many others who provide these type of vessels. Why seek BEPeterson’s filter vessels? Read below to get answers.

Advantages of filter vessels provided by BEPeterson

Some advantages offered by BEPeterson’s custom filter vessels are as follows, which makes them prominent in leading industries and purchased by all the major OEM filter manufacturers.

  • Industry Standards: Our filter vessels adhere to various industrial standards and specifications, which includes ASME Section VIII and TUV. We also fabricate filer vessels to meet CRN, PED and ABS certification requirements. The high quality custom designed filter vessels are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which helps us ensure quality and durability.
  • Design Considerations: All the custom filter vessels are designed and fabricated in accordance with the latest ASME code, which ensures the highest manufacturing standards for performance and safety. Fabrication design is done using Compress software and drawings are performed in AutoCAD Inventor┬«, SolidWorks┬« 3D Tool, etc. The design of the pressure vessel is governed by the design codes like Pressure Vessel Code and ASME Boiler in North America, BSA B51 code in Canada (CRN), and the Pressure Equipment Directive in the European Union (PED / CE).
  • High End Accessories Installed: Sanitary vents and drains installed in custom filter vessels helps in sampling, venting and easy draining of the liquid content. Also, the sanitary drain valves installed help in the complete drainage of liquid post filtration. The flange inlets and outlets installed in the filter vessels allow easy dismantling of the parts, which aids in fast and simple cleaning.
  • Electropolished Filter Vessels: BEPeterson’s electropolished filter vessels enhances the performance and durability in various demanding filtration requirements. The vessels are made from metals such as 2205 & 2207 Duplex SS, aluminum, nickel, Hastelloy and carbon steels. The exterior surface of these vessels can be passivated or electropolished which provides a clean surface finish. Interiors of these vessels may also be electropolished, which helps reduce corrosion and contamination.

The above-mentioned points validate BEPeterson’s expertise and experience in building Custom filter vessels in diverse specifications. You can always call us on (508) 436-7900 or mail us at sales@bepeterson.com to know more.

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