InvisiHead: Eco-Friendly Solution for Seawater Intake and Outfall System

InvisiHead is a seawater treatment system designed and developed for marine life safety. It is a seawater intake and outfall system that prohibits the entry of any marine sediments without harming any marine lives. It is a well-engineered, robust, seawater intake and outfall system which addresses marine life damage at the seawater utilization for offshore industrial applications. The use of the InvisiHead system is frequently increasing as it works significantly better as compared to conventional wedge-wire screens. Being eco-friendly, this system is in 100% compliance with the US EPA section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act. This post introduces you to the InvisiHead system and describes its contribution while working as a seawater intake and outfall system.

Overview of InvisiHead System

InvisiHead, developed by American Eco-Systems, is a seawater processing system that enables effective seawater intake and outfall when seawater is used for industrial processes like turbine operation, petrochemical plants, etc. Over the years, it was noticed that often marine life is harmed due to high-pressure seawater withdrawal or ejection from the sea line or open channels for industrial purposes. To prevent damage to the marine ecosystem InvisiHead was designed and it assures the marine-friendly and the most efficient operation.

It offers extremely slow suction velocity at the seawater intake pipeline in order to prevent any harm to fish, marine plants, and other organisms. In addition, InvisiHead system prevents entry of debris, and marine sediments like seaweed, sand, etc. This way it ensures that industrial equipment is not clogged and no damage is done to the marine ecosystem at the same time.

Functions of InvisiHead as Seawater Intake and Outfall System

The prime function of InvisiHead is to address the issues faced during the intake and outfall of seawater during industry-centric applications. InvisiHead is designed to individually serve this function at inlet and outlet. Let us discuss what issues do InvisiHead addresses at individual operations.

    • During Seawater Intake: During seawater intake, the InvisiHead acts as a safe filter and low-velocity head. It addresses the issue of marine life damage during intake suction.
        • It prevents the entry of fish and larvae through the seawater suction pipeline. The velocity cap drops the suction velocity to a very low value, which does not suck in fish or larvae.
        • It prevents the clogging of industrial filters, pipelines, or water processing equipment as it restricts entry of debris, sand, zebra mussel, trash, and grass.
    • During Seawater Outfall: The InvisiHead system acts as an effective offshore outfall system. It offers the following effective functions for marine outfall, as several industrial processes are subjected to outfall inside the ocean. The following are some eco-preventive functions offered by InvisiHead system during marine outfall.
        • It allows industrial effluent to get disposed of under the seawater however, it discharges the effluent in such a manner that it does not rise up to the surface.
        • It mixes the industrial effluent at the depth of the sea in a specific manner as the effluent gains the physical and chemical properties of existing seawater surroundings. It helps in neutralizing the water quality under the sea surface without letting any harm be caused to marine life.
        • The InvisiHead system acts as a heat exchanger when used as a power plant outfall.

Being an Omni-channel seawater intake and fine-tuned hydraulic outfall system, InvisiHead is a highly specialized product. Therefore, it is difficult to get an authentic supply of the system for your industrial applications. BEPeterson is one of the proud suppliers of this eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, and self-reliant InvisiHead system. The company is a prominent supplier of this InvisiHead system. The experts from BEPeterson are working in collaboration with Elmosa Seawater Intake and Outfall System’s manufacturers to get a custom design, high-quality fabrication, and application-centric production of InvisiHead system for their clientele, since 2009.