What Makes Customized Pressure Vessels the Most Preferred?

Pressure vessels are among the most important equipment in a wide range of industries. They help maintain pressure at the desired level, which is required for certain applications. These vessels come in various specifications and capabilities depending upon the applications for which they are to be used. Also, you can get them custom designed based on your specific application requirements. Many times there are specific process specifications which require a custom designed pressure vessel. Are you intrigued to know what are they? Read the following post to know the reasons for buying a customized pressure vessel.

Why and When is it Good to Buy a Customized Pressure Vessel?

There are several occasions, where standard pressure vessels are not that much helpful. What you need is a custom designed pressure vessel, which suits all the requirements of your specific application. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a customized version instead of a readymade one:

1. Choose The Most Suitable Material – Pressure Vessel Quality (PVQ) steel is required for constructing a custom pressure vessel. Stainless steel and carbon material are most commonly used for pressure vessels as they showcase exceptional strength and durability. Likewise, you can select the material grade of your choice based on your application and process requirements. This gives you a freedom choosing the right material that you feel is suitable.

2. Select from Various Product Parameters – Different types of pressure vessels have similar functions. However, these vessels may have different set of temperature exposures, applications, shapes, sizes, pressure ratings, and expected resistance to corrosion.

For example, a pressure vessel used in one industry can have a completely different level of handling a certain level of corrosiveness as compared to that used in some other industry. Therefore, it is very important that you customize your vessels based on the parameters required for a particular application or industry. Also, by paying proper attention to the material and welding process, you can reduce the chances of corrosion. You can consult different experienced companies, who will guide you in making the right choice based on your requirements. Designing custom vessel based on the required parameters that are suitable for application goes a long way into getting a high performance from the equipment.

3. Choose Your Volume Throughout – Another benefit of customizing these industrial equipment is that you get to choose the desired volume. You can analyze the requirement and select the proper volume. You should make sure that the amount of volume of the custom pressure vessel is sufficient, and that this customized equipment will work the other efficiently. All you have to do is ask the expert, will help you select the right volume for optimal performance of this customized industrial equipment.

All the above reasons make it very clear why more and more companies are opting for customized pressure vessels nowadays. It does make a difference. Are you also planning to get your pressure vessels customized? If so, then it is highly recommended to approach experts in the field, who have immense knowledge about these vessels and their customization. One such expert player you can consider consulting is BEPeterson, who is one of the leading custom pressure vessel manufacturer in the US.

VP of Business Development Dan Szczurko joins the podcast to discuss the pressure vessel business & market segmentation. Furthermore, he gives an overview of the sales process from a customer’s perspective.