Why BEPeterson is the Leading Provider of Ethylene Glycol ASME Tanks

BEPeterson has long been reigning as the leader in custom metal fabrication, and manufacturing industrial vessels and components. One of the many vessel products that BEPeterson specializes in is glycol tanks. Ethylene glycol is used as a raw material for polyester manufacturing, anti-freeze solution, as well as a coolant in many applications. Glycol is a toxic organic compound. Hence, it needs to be stored in specialized tanks for safety purposes. BEPeterson fulfills this requirement by designing and manufacturing industrial grade ethylene glycol tanks.

Our ASME Glycol Tank Manufacturing Capabilities

At BEPeterson, our tanks are manufactured adhering to the regulations laid down by ASME. Thus, customers can be assured that we utilize the best and latest design technologies, manufacturing practices, and inspection standards. We have the capability to manufacture glycol ASME tanks in:

  • Any Shape – Vertical
  • Different Head Designs – Cone, Flat, Dished or Flanged Heads
  • With Added Features – Ladders, Handrails, or Piping Connections, etc.
  • Variety of Materials – Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Lined Carbon Steel, and Aluminum

Ensuring High Quality Welding

Welding is the process that makes or breaks an industrial vessel. We pay close attention to our welding processes when manufacturing our ASME tanks for glycol storage. We utilize different types of welding procedures to meet any customers welding requirement. Our welding capabilities include:

  • A team comprising CWIs, and ASME certified welders
  • Radiography equipment for vessel construction according to ASME Section VIII regulations

These capabilities allow us to utilize industrial grade wires and fluxes, and minimize fabrication errors during our welding procedures.

Adhering Global Quality Standards and Certifications

Our manufacturing, testing, and inspection procedures are conducted adhering to the regulations of all applicable standards and certification. The inspections procedures are carried out by our in-house ASME certified welding inspectors. Our processes adhere to strict quality standards of:

  • CRN
  • PED
  • ASME
  • ISO 9001

BEPeterson’s glycol ASME tanks can be used in a variety of applications, including chemical plants, petroleum refineries, power stations, and paper manufacturing facilities. Our certified processes, manufacturing quality, and attention to detail makes us the leader in industrial vessel manufacturing.