5 Reasons why you should go for BEPeterson’s Vacuum Chamber & Vacuum Furnace Fabrication services

Vacuum chambers are large containment vessels from which air and other gases are removed using a vacuum pump. This creates a low pressure environment within, which is known as vacuum. These chambers are manufactured under strict compliance and regulations. Few companies provide vacuum chambers for OEM manufacturers with BEPeterson being one of them. This post discusses why BEPeterson is one of the preferred names for vacuum chambers and vacuum furnaces in fabrication services.

Advantages offered by BEPeterson for Vacuum Chamber & Vacuum Furnace Fabrication

The following are the top five advantages of seeking vacuum chamber fabrication from BEPeterson.

  • One Stop Solution Right from Design to Manufacturing: With the in-house design capability, BEPeterson offers one stop solution right from the conception, designing, tooling, assembling and finally packaging. This helps customers gain all services at one place.

  • Customized sizes: BEPeterson is committed to offer our customers customized vacuum chambers as per the client’s demands and expectation adhering to precision engineering standards and certification requirements.

  • Vast Industrial Experience: BEPeterson serves a wide range of diverse industries such as high energy physics, alternative energy, medical semiconductor, and national laboratories. Our vacuum chambers are provided to the OEM’s and are used for vacuum degassing, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum encapsulation, defense research, semiconductor applications, and various defense research applications etc.

  • Designed for Harsh Working ConditionsVacuum chambers are manufactured using 300 Series austenitic stainless steel, which help resist corrosion, maintain their strength at high temperatures and are easy to maintain. Furthermore, the gas tight construction prevents gas leakage, and thus maintaining the thermal capacity of the vacuum chamber. We also produce carbon steel vacuum chambers and vacuum furnaces for various industrial applications.

  • Manufactured as per ASME specifications: The chamber is fabricated as per the ASME code calculation software. This includes several benefits in industries for ASME calculation reports, integration with other vessel design software by confirming to weld procedures, and dimensional requirements of the project.


BEPeterson provides heavy-gauge custom fabrication as per the industrial guidelines. Being the leading vacuum chamber and vacuum furnace manufacturer, we analyze our customers’ requirements, and offer customized vacuum chambers to meet their requirements. You can always call us on (508-436-7900) or mail us at sales@bepeterson.com to know more.