Why BEPeterson is So Good at Vacuum Chambers

We’ve been fabricating metal since 1935. We supply both standard and customized vacuum chambers for OEMs in a wide variety of demanding markets including:

  • Research
  • Medical
  • Semiconductors
  • Alternative Energy

We are particularly proud of the fact that you can find our vacuum chambers in both Environmental and National Laboratories. This is important to you because it gives you a glimpse our excellent reputation and our ability to meet a surprising range of needs. Our experienced and dedicated staff of engineers and designers has delivered vacuum chambers for such uses as:

  • Vacuum Degassing
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Heat Treating Furnaces
  • Atmospheric Simulation
  • Space Simulation
  • Vacuum Impregnation
  • Vacuum Encapsulation
  • Semiconductor Applications
  • Product Testing
  • Vacuum Sealing
  • Vacuum Metal and Joining
  • Defense Research

Our customized vacuum chambers are built to exacting specifications, including:

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel& Carbon Steel
  • Gas Tight Construction
  • Helium Leak Checked
  • Jacketed Vacuum Chambers (Double water cooled walls)
  • Welding and Assemblies Fabricated to: Codeware – Compress ASME code calculation software
  • ASME Section VIII

With the meticulous support of experienced engineers, machinists, welders and other personnel, we deliver ISO 9001 quality products that meet and often exceed customers’ requirements and expectations.

You can be assured that when you partner with us for your vacuum chamber needs you will discover what it’s like to partner with the best.