How BEPeterson Maintains the Integrity of Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Furnaces

BEPeterson is a specialist when it comes to designing, engineering, and fabricating vacuum vessels and vacuum furnaces. The organization offers well-engineered ASME and non-code furnaces and vacuum chambers. Quality is the foundation of BEPeterson’s work. For vacuum furnaces and chambers, the organization leaves no stone upturned.

The vacuum chambers and vacuum furnaces consist of a gas tight construction, and are constructed to exact specifications, adhering to ASME Section VIII. The vessels also undergo a helium leak check for weld integrity.

Why Helium Leak Detection?

Checking a vacuum chamber and furnace for helium leakage is the optimum method to verify its weld integrity. Helium is present in the ambient air in very small quantities. This makes the gas easy to trace. As a gas, helium is non-toxic, is not flammable, and is readily available around the world. It also does not get affected by outgassing. Also, the test can be performed quickly without spending too much time. Hence, it is the best choice for weld leakage testing in vacuum chambers or furnaces






Helium Leakage Testing Process

BEPeterson always perform leak tests at the end of every production run. The testing process is performed using a mass spectrometer leak detector, which is specifically designed for industrial manufacturing processes.

  • The furnace is emptied, outgassed, and then cleaned before the test is run.
  • The volume of helium released by a leak is relatively higher than low ambient levels in the atmosphere. This means that a medium-sensitivity instrument is required for the process. A helium-tuned mass spectrometer is suitable for the procedure.
  • As a leak detector, the spectrometer can easily operate in environments containing oil and water vapors. It is also resistant to mechanical vibrations, thus providing the reliability required for the helium leak detection test.
  • The vessel is filled with Helium. The weld seams on the outside of the vessel are checked with the spectrometer for leaks, as well as the amount of helium that is dissipating.

By following these steps, BEPeterson is able to maintain the integrity of its vacuum chambers and vacuum furnace products, as well as a high level of manufacturing and product quality.