Factors That Affect Working of Pressure Vessels

Pressure tanks are engineered and designed for better performance in harsh industrial conditions. However, many times these tanks fail to perform as per expectations. The reasons for failure also remain unknown. In this post, we will discuss some of the common factors that are known to affect their performance, and reduce their life expectancy.

Factors That Affect Performance of Pressure Tanks

Here are some of the common factors that may reduce the life expectancy of pressure tanks used in your organization.

  • Wrong Material: This is one of the most important reasons for the failure of pressure vessels. Many times businesses outsource their fabrication to independent fabricators in third world countries. This helps them reduce manufacturing costs. However, they don’t understand that many of these countries don’t have stringent quality regulations. Hence they end up using poor quality materials. Today, many reputed US fabricators are supplying pressure vessels with quality certificates. This helps them ensure that pressure tank is built with appropriate material. A pressure tank built from non-specified material may initially pass the test, but it may not last long while in application.
  • Structural Integrity Problems: These may include various factors such as poor quality fusion welded joints, or use of wrong testing methods, etc. Before purchasing a pressure vessel, it is very important to ensure that it has passed all relevant quality tests. Many reputed vessel fabricators employ advanced testing techniques to ensure the structural integrity of vessels. You can always check with the manufacturer to know different manufacturing methods, and quality testing used.
  • Unpredictable Operating Conditions: Generally, manufacturers build pressure tanks on the basis of information of expected operating conditions provided by a customer. These may include – chemical concentration, PH, temperature, and pressure at which the product may be stored. In case, these operating conditions vary, there are all chances that metal cracking or fatigue may occur.
  • Unexpected Aging: This is the combination of all the above-mentioned factors. Some metals age faster than others, which may start affecting the performance of the pressure tanks.


There are many other unforeseen factors that may affect the performance of the pressure vessels. To avoid all these you can always source these industrial vessels from any reputed manufacturer such as BEPeterson.

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