How BEPeterson Meets ASME Lethal Service Needs of Industrial Customers

BEPeterson is a leading provider of ASME coded pressure vessels for a variety of applications. Most of our customers utilize the pressure vessels for storing and using different types of gases and liquids. However, many industries require vessels specifically designed to store lethal substances, those if inhaled or consumed, can be dangerous to a person’s life. We at BEPeterson understand the severity of such situations. We provide specialized lethal pressure vessels to meet such crucial requirements.

BEPeterson’s ASME Lethal Service Offerings

As a lethal service┬ápressure vessel manufacturer, BEPeterson leaves no stone unturned when it comes to manufacturing pressure vessels for the storage and use of toxic substances. We work with our customers to design pressure vessels that will meet the requirements for their application. The following points provide brief descriptions of our lethal service pressure vessel offerings.

  • The vessels can be designed in either horizontal or vertical configurations. Our lethal service tanks are constructed with the intention of using it them in applications with specific pressures (atmospheric, internal, or external).
  • We are capable of working with different types of metals according to the client’s requirement. These can include nickel alloys, reactive metals, and different types of steel. We can also provide the vessels with weld and material finishes of the client’s choice.
  • Once completed, the lethal pressure vessels undergo strict quality and inspection processes to ensure that they can meet all application requirements. They are also inspected by a certified ASME vessel inspector.
  • The vessels are provided with an “L” stamp on the ASME data plate. This certifies the vessel as having been designed and constructed according to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).

What Customers Should Know about Lethal Pressure Vessels

It is important for customers to have a clear idea about these types of pressure vessels, and the essential points stated in the Code.

  • These pressure vessels are a part of an ASME Lethal service stipulated in ASME Code VIII-1, Section UW-2.
  • The Code defines a lethal substance as “poisonous gas or liquid of such a nature that a very small amount of the gas or the vapor of the liquid mixed or unmixed with air is dangerous to life when inhaled.”
  • The definition of lethal pressure vessels in Section UW-2, “A vessel is to contain fluids of such a nature that a very small amount mixed or unmixed with air is dangerous to life when inhaled.”
  • The user is responsible for deciding whether or not a service should be considered lethal.

BEPeterson continually strives to meet the eclectic metal fabrication needs of industrial customers. Our ASME lethal service pressure vessels allow us to support organizations, which continually deal with poisonous substances for research, design, and manufacturing purposes.

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